Adrenalin Junkie Roads Where Speed Rules

Posted on Aug 24 2015 - 12:46pm by motormike

Speed limits are there for one reason, traveling any faster on that section of road is thought be dangerous. However, the speed junkie in us all needs to stretch his legs somewhere and in the absence of a convenient local race track, sometimes the road is the only place available. So, in the interest of safety and upholding the law, here is a list of some of the fastest roads you can travel on in the world.

The Isle of Man

The Isle Of Man is a very special place for speed demons and not just because of the islands’ famous road race history. The roads that link the various parts of the island have no speed restrictions at all, but just be careful not to speed in areas that do such as the towns themselves, or you’ll be slapped with a speeding ticket faster than you can drive!