The Mini has been around for what seems like forever and although it was released in 1959, it became an icon of the 60’s making a name for itself in Motorsport, the big screen and became a highly desirable fashion accessory with famous guest designers contributing towards limited edition models. Later on in it’s life, the mini became a new breed, now owned by the German automotive giant BMW and although it has come a long way since it’s somewhat humble beginnings, it still remains just as much the desirable, fashionable and Motorsport bred classic it always was. So, which one doe you prefer…new or old?

1959 Morris Mini Minor

The original Morris Mini Minor wasn’t too much to look at, but it’s design would endure for over 50 years!

The BMW New Mini One

Called simply “Mini” when it was released in 2001, the new BMW mini came in three options, Mini One, Cooper and later the supercharged Cooper S.