It’s true that in the world of the luxury car, bargains are hard to find. Most quality luxury cars come with a host of accessories and even more zero’s in the price ticket. But there is some good news, when these cars are a few years old and have covered a reasonable amount of mileage, their asking price tumbles, making them affordable alternatives to a run of the mill entry level new car. Here’s a few example of the best luxury cars you can pick up for a bargain!

BMW 7 Series 2002-2008 (E65)

With a huge launch price between £45,950 and £85,550 depending on model, the E65 7 series was BMW’s most high tech and highly specked car to date. It even had the amazing BMW iDrive system which controlled almost all functionality. With loads of interior room and very neat handling for such a large car, this is a lot of car for your money…especially as you can pick up a used example from as little as £2500, but expect to pay more like £7-8,000 for a really nice one.