It’s sometimes easy to see why a car has failed in terms of sales… a reliability issue, or perhaps just being in the wrong market at the wrong time. But If you look back through the years , there have been cars which have been so disastrous that, for what ever reason, they have not only sold badly…but they have almost taken the company down with them…and in the case of a few here…did do exactly that! Here are a few epic fails, most of which failed through no fault of their own!

The Vector W2

The first problem Vector had was that they lied about production, price and performance…a lot! The car was scheduled for launch in 1980 and had a predicted price of $125,000…however, it didn’t really see production until 1989 and cost near $500,000! In 1993 they launched a Lamborghini powered W12 version which  journalist Jeremy Clarkson once called “very probably the worst car in the entire world.” In 1993, Vector was bought by an Indonesian company and Vector Motors founder Jerry Wiegert was immediately removed!