In general, despite the fact that no one seems to be able to come up with a practical alternative to the internal combustion engine , cars are very well designed. With very few exceptions there are very few “bad” cars made anymore. The formula is pretty complete and almost every car rolling off the production line is fantastic at it’s chosen job. However, there are still a few things which manufacturers could do with ┬ásorting out..namely the “home maintenance” items which certain makes and models seem to have forgotten about!

Golf Mk5/Seat Leon Mk2 Rear Caliper Carrier Bolts

Changing your pads and discs is not only a safety issue if left unattended, it is also a relatively simple job which, in most cases, any home mechanic should be able to attempt, However, on this model and its related siblings, whilst the fronts are easy and straight forward the rears are another matter! When you get your caliper off, you can’t remove the disc without removing the carrier, and that is held on with two 14mm triple square stretch bolts, which are put in pre-assembly by machine and unless you have a special tool and a 10 foot long cheat bar…you’re never getting them off!…dealer it is then!