The New Porsche Boxster Spyder

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It’s pretty fair to say that I am a German car fan (although regular readers will also know that I have a strange affliction with Lotus’s too). Over the years I have had the pleasure of owning and driving almost every incarnation of the iconic 911, virtually every Hot Golf, a few 4wd’d and turbo’d Audi’s as well as some of the finest vehicles Mercedes has to offer. So it was with great excitement that I went to our local Porsche dealership looking to put the new, special order only, Porsche Boxster Spyder through it’s paces.

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The new Spyder is all about back to basics, sports car driving with the emphasis on sports! With design features reminiscent of the original 550 of the fifties, this new car is everything a sports roadster should be. Uncompromising! This is open topped, wind in your hair and adrenaline in your veins motoring. From the moment you see it, with it’s huge front air scoops and rear deffuser, you know this car means business and that’s without even looking at the inspiring rear bulges or the 20″, specially designed wheels. It’s distinctive rear spoiler which automatically deploys when speeds are pushing over 74mph and the twin, center exit exhaust finish off the look.


No air conditioning. No radio. No nothing unless you specify it from the options list, but please believe me when I say, you don’t need anything else! Every weight saving kilo that’s been taken out of the Spyder, has a direct effect on it’s performance. The dash layout, center console and steering wheel to gear stick ergonomics are more reminiscent of a track car than an open topped tourer and the Spyder etched , carbon shell seats are another example of stopping at nothing to lose weight. With the interior decked out in Alcantara, and door pull loops rather than handles, you would be forgiven for thinking this car is just about speed. However, the interior gives an impression of perfect design and at no point does it feel sparse or uncomfortable.

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It has to be said, the new Boxster Spyder looks just as good with it’s roof up as it does with it down, with it running down the sweeping lines of the body and ending in two purposeful looking fins, this is not some after thought. In fact I think it’s fair to say that the standard Boxster hood looks a little boring in comparison. Unlike the last model, the hood on the new Spyder is now a practical, everyday use item which can easily be collapsed by hand and stored under the rear deck. On the day of our test, the rain was fairly consistent and i can honestly say that even with the roof up and driving scaled down for the conditions, the car was a pleasure to be in.

So, how does it drive? In short, it is every bit the thrill seeking monster you expect it to be. Not surprisingly from a car packing 375bhp and weighing in at a svelte 1315kg! It brings up 60mph in a little over 4 seconds an although conditions weren’t promoting a high speed run, I’m sure it would hit it’s reported top speed of 180mph with ease. The transmission is sublime in 6 speed manual format and the exact steering gives huge amounts of feed back and never looks to be getting away from you. ┬áThis new car also boasts 280ltrs of storage space and a healthy 54ltr tank, so it really could be used daily, or for weekends away.


The conclusion is simple. the New Porsche Boxster Spyder is quite simply one of the most visually stunning, sharp handling and goose bump raising roasters ever built and if you don’t believe me, get yourself down to your local Porsche dealership and take a test drive in the standard Boxster right now…just don’t be too disappointed if you’re behind me in the queue!