As a young man, like many others, I loved the film ” The Italian Job”! I loved the idea, the skill, the cheek and the fantastic car chases, not to mention the now immortal line…” you’re only spose’d to blow the bl**dy doors off!”…In fact the only thing I didn’t like about the movie, was the start! For no matter how many times I’m told that the car they pushed over the cliff was just a body shell on an accident damaged chassis…they still destroyed a Lamborghini Miura…and for that, there is no forgiveness…no matter how cool the rest of the film was! Here’s a few other Lambo’s you may have forgotten about, some of which may have actually deserved the Italian Job treatment.. although No7 would have just driven off when it reached the bottom!

1969 Miura SV

The Miura is still heralded as one of the worlds most beautiful cars and at it’s launch, it was the fastest road car ever made. The SV had 380bhp, a sub 7 second 0-6-mph time and a top speed of well over 170mph! Never again shall one go over a cliff!!! Even if it is in the company of two E Types and an Aston!