Whilst all of us have our own fantasy garage full of exotic dream cars, very rarely do we have the budget to match! So, to help you out if your looking for a budget, fun sports car, here’s a list of 10 cars which you can buy right now for only £3000 or less! These are all cars which you can use for your daily commute, enjoy ripping up back lanes at the weekend and with only a few modifications, run with cars which cost 10 times more on track days! In fact, I honestly believe that the £3000 sports car market reflects the best fun-per-pound you can buy!

Mazda RX-8 231 PS

There are loads of RX-8’s for sale on the auction sites right now! Although you will probably have to spend most of your £3k to secure a low mileage example in nice condition with full service history. For your hard earned, you’ll get 230bhp, 146mph top end and an incredible ( if a little fragile) Rotary engine which rev’s like a two-stoke! You really can take these cars straight to the track, but if you can save a few hundred on the price of the car, then add an air filter, performance exhaust, coilovers and bigger brakes…..and then you can go Porsche chasing!

Mazda RX-8