Celebrities have enough money to spend on whatever they like, and whilst many rich stars put all their earnings into lavish houses or exotic holidays, some choose to spend their fortunes on expensive cars, and lots of them.

Many of Hollywood’s biggest stars have wasted no time in building up some impressive car collections – some are so big that they’ve even had to buy whole new property to store their precious vehicles away.

Here are 17 celebrities with the biggest car collections in Hollywood – you won’t believe who owns the most!

1. Bill Goldberg

The two-time boxing champion Bill Goldberg holds a very reputable place in the sport, being the first undefeated champion in boxing history. Goldberg loves noisy cars with loads of power, with the first one he owned being a 1967 Plymouth GTX, powered by an impressive Hemi engine. Since then he’s built up an extraordinary collection of muscle cars, adding a Mustang Boss 429, a Barracuda 440 Six Pack and so many more to his collection.