2. Miley Cyrus

IMAGE ID # 1727371 Exclusive...Look out world there is a new driver on the streets, Miley Cyrus made her own way to her beauty appointment last night. Miley made her way to the Sunlounge Tanning Salon in Toluca Lake ,CA to take in some rays. Young Miley set a great example on how to be a safe driver by buckling up and driving at ten and two.She's a big girl now! CR: RIF/Fame Pictures 12/10/2008 --- Miley Cyrus --- (C) 2008 Fame Pictures, Inc. - Santa Monica, CA, U.S.A - 310-395-0500 / Sales: 310-395-0500

Miley was always going to have a decent first car. Obviously her Dad is a country music King and her Godmother is THE Dolly Parton. The star didn’t exactly need handouts as she was making serious money before she could even drive but her Mum, Tish, gave her daughter her ‘old’ Porsche Cayenne.