When the day of passing our driving tests arrives, most of us can’t wait rip off our L plates and cruise around town doing , well, absolutely nothing. But who cares? You don’t need to do anything when you can drive, because driving is doing something, right?

The only problem is finding a car that we can a) afford and b) afford to insure. Usually this means picking the biggest heap of junk that will get you from A to B, but that’s essentially what a car needs to do anyway, we guess… Check out the first cars of these A-Listers and see if they measure up to your own…

1. Taylor Swift


She’s a country girl and so her record company thought it would be a sweet gesture to buy her a Chevrolet Silverado for her 18th birthday. But that simply wasn’t enough for the pop sensation, so they decided to paint it pink…. Umm, any takers?