Pimp My Ride hit our TV screens in 2004, with rapper Xzibit and the West Coast Customs team pimping out people’s down and out cars.

After finding out about the deep, dark secrets and truths about the show, we’ve decided to delve into the good, the bad and the down right ugly transformations from the iconic car show.

Here are 20 of the best and the worst cars from Pimp My Ride.

1986 Buick Century With A Jackhammer

A guy named Jason contacted the show with a 1986 Buick and West Coast Customs soon got to work! They ripped out the backseat and replaced it with a 300 lb subwoofer…logical.

The jackhammer subwoofer required eight batteries, all with their own amp and steel support brace, as well as a dB meter to prevent hearing damage. In the end it was capable of 120 dB of bass which is actually louder than a jet plane. This was definitely one of the worst transformations.