These are the cars that were so badly received that they not only flopped…but very nearly took the manufacturer down with them!

The Ford Edsel

There are several theories about Edsel’s failure, not least of which was the car’s styling. Consumer Reports has alleged that poor workmanship was the Edsel’s chief problem. Marketing experts hold the Edsel up as a supreme example of the corporate culture’s failure to understand American consumers. Business analysts cite the weak internal support for the product inside Ford’s executive offices. According to author and Edsel scholar Jan Deutsch, the Edsel was “the wrong car at the wrong time.” In fact Ford didn’t do any real marketing for the car and only showed glimpses of it in car magazines where it would often appear in blurred photographs or even covered up! It was also launched with a horrendous mixed message when it came to market place, as it was supposed to be a mid market car but had an up market price… which gave the impression it was over priced. Ford lost $250 million on the failed venture and it could go down as the biggest car fail of all time!