Britain has produced some of the worlds most amazing classic sports cars over the years, thanks to names such as  Jaguar, TVR, MG, Triumph and AC and as these cars become recognized as some of the best ever made, they are becoming more and more valuable. here are some of the best, rarest and of course, most valuable British sports cars you could invest your hard earned into…

Aston Martin DB4 GT Bertone GT 1961

Aston Martin DB4

The highest chassis number DB4 GT (DB4GT/0201/L) was shipped to the famous Italian coach-builder, Bertone in 1960 and a few weeks later, a beautiful coupe body, in the same style of the Bertone designed Ferrari’s of the day, was added. The car, finished in light green with contrasting grey interior, was exhibited at the 1961 Geneva Salon. After doing the exhibition circuit for a while, the car spent time in the USA and then disappeared for a number of years. It finally appeared at Aston Martin Lagonda Works Service in 1986, where it was rebuilt to concourse standard.