Although over recent years, Lamborghini have started to make cars that are not only incredible to drive and look at, they are also fairly sensible, easy to drive and quite frankly…not very ‘Lamborghini-ish’…in the past the company built cars that were totally out there and more envelope-pushing. Here’s a few example of some of the most amazing cars ever to come from the Raging Bull.

1969 Miura SV


The Miura is still heralded as one of the worlds most beautiful cars and at it’s launch, it was the fastest road car ever made. The SV had 380bhp, a sub 7 second 0-6-mph time and a top speed of well over 170mph! Never again shall one go over a cliff!!! Even if it is in the company of two E Types and an Aston! ( Italian Job…no. no one..tough room! )