We all know that motorsport is a dangerous habit, but which races are the most dangerous? here’s 10 of the worst…

The Paris-Madrid Race of 1903


The 1903 Paris to Madrid endurance race was one of the worst organised aces of all time, 275 vehicles, 59 of them motorcycles, began the race in Versailles, and the race quickly got out of hand. Spectators, who were not yet aware of the real dangers involved in motor sport, crowded the sides of the course, resulting in the death of a female spectator when she was hit by a car less than 45 miles out of Paris. This was just the start of the mayhem, as a combination of inexperienced drivers and unreliable cars combined to inflict carnage, with several drivers being killed in numerous incidents. Thankfully, the race was abandoned before it passed into Spain, and the French government, careful to avoid even more fatalities, ordered the cars towed back to Paris by horse. The race, nick named “the race to death” resulted in at least eight deaths and countless injuries.

Whilst there were a number of tragic driver and spectator deaths in the Paris-Madrid race, the most famous was that of French racing pioneer Marcel Renault, co-founder of the Renault car company, who died in an accident after leading the race for several miles.