We all love muscle cars …in fact , I know this with such certainty that I can honestly say that muscle cars are quite possibly the most popular cars in the world today…especially classic ones, after all, they were all perfect..right? Well, much as I hate to say it…wrong! During the mid 70’s and early 80’s the world was struggling with a global oil crisis and car manufacturers were being encouraged to make cars which were more frugal, and nothing like as powerful. So, where did that leave muscle cars…unfortunately…it left them stuck out in the cold. So, did the manufacturers shelve their pet muscle projects…unfortunately not, they just produced terrible versions of cars we all knew and loved. Here are some examples, and if you really do love muscle cars…you may well need a hug after this!

1971 to 1975 Ford Maverick Grabber


The “all-new” for 1970 compact Maverick really just a re-bodied 1960 Ford Falcon, with the first Grabbers only offered with straight-sixes. Although later models were offered with the Mustang’s 5.0-litre V8, even that only produced 210 horsepower and later in it’s life when smog controls were added the Grabber’s V8 was making a mere 129 hp.