Whilst we have seen some amazing cars hit our dealership this year so far, there are some even more incredible cars on their way for 2017! Just check out the following 10 cars…you may well find yourself camping outside your dealerships for some of them all year!

Acura NSX

First seen as a concept car in 2012, the all new Acura NSX, the spiritual successor to the now legendary Honda NSX, is finally available to order and should hit dealerships towards the end of 2016. By now you will be aware that the new car gets three electric motors helping out its powerful gasoline powerplant with the total system churning out around 500bhp at 7500rpm, with torque rated at 406lb ft. Performance wise, the new car will reach 62mph in 2.9 seconds, with a top speed of 191mph. Pricing for the NSX will start at around $150,000.