Everybody needs to have something to aim for. Some people want a well funded retirement so they can travel the world, others want more and aim to put away enough so that their kids can never work a day in their lives. Still yet, financial success and security isn’t enough for some people; they want to go fast. Although fast doesn’t mean racing a nice car at the track for some of these people, and for even more, it doesn’t mean purchasing a “normal” vehicle and pushing it. They want something that can accelerate with the ability to push them back in their seat, and the speed to make even other lead-footed motorists’ heads turn on long stretches of open road.
While putting such thoughts of speed into action can be dangerous to one’s health, but so can sitting in a desk and working in an office for one’s whole life. While the highest selling cars may make their manufacturer the most money, and have the most people talking about things like “fuel economy” and “airbags”, the fast cars are the ones children and adults alike, buy magazines to drool over. Being able to take the kids and their friends to soccer practice may be what most people settle for, but plenty of people long for something unnecessary, ostentatious and fast.
With these desires and aspirations in mind, here are the ten fastest street legal automobiles on the road today.

McLaren F1 – 243 mph – $1,000,000

The real geezer on the list, the F1 has been a staple for fast car lovers since its very beginning in 1992. During the early and mid 1990’s, the McLaren F1 was considered the be-all-end-all in terms of speed and allowing an owner to make a statement. Throughout much of the decade, the 240-243 mph speed was the highest of any production car in the world. It speaks to the engineering of this machine that it is still in the top ten, even over twenty years after it was first conceived.