When you have loads of money, spending it on the things you love gets so much easier. So when you are a high rolling celebrity, it is but obvious that you might have designer wardrobes, fashionable shoe collections or multi-million dollar car collections that are the burning envy of most of us commoners!
Some prefer the rare and vintage models, while others prefer the classics, and then there are some who like them modern, sleekly designed and fast. One can be sure that whatever the personal preference for each celebrity, most of those who purchase expensive cars for their museum worthy car collections cannot resist showing them off. So pop stars and rappers show them in their videos while others prefer to hit the roads and let the fans ogle their stars and their cars. While we are just content to dream about them, paste cut outs on our walls, lust after them, read about them or write articles on them to satisfy our personal car collection cravings!
So yes, expensive, limited edition and ultra luxurious cars seem to be the preferred items of expenditure for a lot of rich celebrities and though such cars are loved by all, irrespective of gender, these 13 male celebrities are clearly the toppers when expressing their love for them.

Nicolas Cage

Actor Nicolas Cage is another car collector with enviable and expensive cars, which include rare Italian sports cars, in his private collection. While Ferraris are his obvious favorites, the other cars featuring in his collection are no less fabulous. Just as the actor loves to collect cars, he has even been known to splurge on other ‘collectibles’ that he loves, such as yachts, jets, properties and exotic pets. When Nicolas wants to spend, he really spends, like the time he bought 22 cars in just 12 months! Some cars featuring in his collection are:

Ferrari Enzo
1959 Ferrari California 250 GT LWB Spyder
Jaguar D-Type
1971 Lamborghini Miura SVJ
1958 Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina
1964 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III
1965 Lamborghini 350 GT
1955 Porche 356 Pre-A Speedster
1963 Jaguar E-Type Semi-Lightweight Competition
1970 Hemi ‘Cuda Hardtop
1938 Bugatti T57C Atalante Coupe