This 1:1 Wooden Replica Of A Jaguar E-Type Is For Sale On eBay Right Now..For Almost $20,000

Posted on Nov 17 2015 - 8:18am by motormike

This wooden replica is currently for sale on eBay…for the princely sum of $19732 and whilst this wouldn’t buy you a running and driving E Type Jag, it would put you into a nice restoration project. Although the craftsmanship which has gone into this replica is undeniable, you do find yourself asking the question…why? Or perhaps the real question is…who would buy such a thing…and what on earth would they do with it? The best part of $20,000 dollars is a lot to pay for a talking piece in your front room…but then the Tate Gallery in London managed to get $1 million for US artist, Carl Andre’s pile of bricks!

1:1 Wooden Jaguar E-Type Replica

Wooden Jaguar E-Type Replica

An eBay user in Armagh, Northern Ireland, is selling this 1:1 wooden replica of a Jaguar E-Type, which is pretty much perfect in every detail, other than the obvious one… it doesn’t drive!

Wooden Jaguar E-Type Replica