There’s a good chance some of us have been there. Think back to that sunny, warm day a few years ago when you were out in your first car. You had just cleaned it, filled it up at the gas station and were feeling pretty good about yourself and the world. You pulled up to a stoplight and beside you sits a soccer mom in her station wagon. You decide the way is clear and it’s time to show her and her groceries what four-cylinders of fury can do. The light turns green and before your little ride has even crossed the line she is on the other side of the intersection. What you just witnessed was a sleeper – or that car you bought had some serious issues.
In all seriousness, fast cars often look the part. For instance, take one look at a Lamborghini Aventador or a Bugatti Veyron and the vast majority of us would know it was a very quick and high performance car. There are however a number of cars on the streets which really don’t look like they could leave you red-faced off a stop. No spoilers, massive scoops, vents, stripes or overly-loud exhaust – nothing to give away the power which exists under the hood. These are termed as sleepers, or cars that have surprising performance hidden under a relatively bland exterior. These are wolves in sheeps’ clothing.
The following looks at 15 of the fastest sleeper cars in terms of 0-60 performance. Naturally, the car buffs among you will look at some of the following sleepers and huff and puff because a car brand is included that screams performance. Before getting too bent out of shape, take a breath. Car aficionados can (and should) spot a sleeper a mile away – to them, every car on this list should be easily recognizable. However, to the vast majority of people who don’t know a lot about cars (or care) the following vehicles aren’t very different from the other vehicles they see on a daily basis during the Saturday errands or weekday commutes. To most people, that boxy black coupe kind of looks like the car their grandfather drove. To those of us in the know, it’s a wolf on the prowl and we know better than to take it on.

2010 Acura TL SH-AWD – 5.2 sec.

Acura has always been sold as the premium brand of Honda in North America. Their cars usually have more features and designs that make them stand out next to their counterparts. That said, this particular Acura sedan is anything but exciting looking. If critics are united in one thing it’s that they consider the TL a bland design. To most motorists, the TL wouldn’t stand out even if it was right in front of you. Perhaps that suits this vehicle. Underneath the rather vanilla body is a 305hp V6 engine which powers the car’s AWD system. That’ll get it from 0-60 in just 5.2 seconds which is the exact time put down by Acura’s legendary NSX sports car in 1994.